Comedian Arie Koomen

Arie Koomen

Arie Koomen began his career as a graphic designer and quickly made a name for himself in the Dutch comedy scene as one half of the duo ‘Arie and Silvester.’ After years of collaboration, Arie decided to pursue solo projects and continues to be a highly regarded comedian in the Netherlands.

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Arie Koomen, originally a graphic designer, began his comedic journey with the stand-up comedy group Comedy Explosion, where he quickly shared the stage with Silvester Zwaneveld.

Cameretten Success
During the Cameretten festival in 1996, Arie and Silvester achieved an honorable second place. Their creativity and improvised material stood out, marking the beginning of their rise in the comedy world.

A Bigger Stage: ‘Kloten!’ and ‘Vet’
With their second show, ‘Kloten!’, the duo transitioned to larger venues and filled them with their third program, ‘Vet’. Occasionally, they ventured outside the theater to perform on other stages, including the Lowlands pop festival.

Television Appearances: Humor on the Screen
For BNN, they created four episodes of the program ‘Oraal,’ which combined stand-up comedy with recorded sketches. In 2007, they presented a TV column for the show ‘De Nieuwste Show.’

Solo Adventures: The Path After Collaboration
After a 12-year-long partnership, Arie and Silvester pursued solo projects, and Arie Koomen has become a respected comedian in the Netherlands.