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Step inside the newest Comedy Club in Leiden, the ultimate destination for an evening filled with laughter, fun, and extraordinary stand-up comedy. Be amazed by our talented comedians who will take you on a hilarious journey full of jokes. From sharp observations to brilliant improvisation, you are guaranteed to have a delightful night out with us.

Stand-up comedy shows

Saturday September 7th 2024

Line-up: Lara Ricote, Sjoerd Scott, Mohna Joshi, Koen West and Ric Diez.

Saturday October 19th 2024

Line-up: Karan Karthik, Rahul Kohli, Joanna Sio, Darren Kiely and Ronan Brosman.

Saturday November 16th 2024

Line-up: Soula Notos, Kristel Zweers, Gus Horn, Mano Daniel Szollosi and…..


Maak kennis met enkele talenten uit de comedy-wereld die bij ons hebben opgetreden.

Daan van der hoeven

Adam fields

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