Lara Ricote

Lara’s a twenty something year old comedian turned storyteller working in Amsterdam. She’s equal halves Mexican, American, and Venezuelan and equally as confused as you are about it. But telling stories helps. After studying political theory, Lara found the stage and began to use it to deal with the inescapability of the tiny tiny role she plays in history. She realized there’s something momentous in having agency in the narratives of tomorrow.

So she does comedy and tells stories, and does sketches, and news shows, and she teaches stand up comedy, and she does improv even though no one is asking her to.

Lara recently graduated from the Mezrab House of Stories, acquiring the title of Very Professional Storyteller. Pre-pandemic, she’s performed in Miami, Argentina, London, Brussels, Rio de Janeiro, and Madrid.

Currently, she teaches comedy theory and writing courses with the Improv company easylaughs, she co-writes and co-produces a satirical Dutch news show in Spanish called “Que Onda NL País.” and runs a Spanish Comedy company called “La Risa Dam.” She’s co-producing comedy nights with theComedy Undergradz, and co-hosting «The Comedy Undergradz» podcast with Slim Radio. She’s also a house comedian at the Comedy Embassy:Amsterdam’s highest rated English stand up show.

Aankomende shows met Lara Ricote

Zaterdag 7 september 2024

Line-up: Lara Ricote, Sjoerd Scott, Mohna Joshi, Koen West en Ric Diez.